Presenting 101

Innovative Learning Week

This year the 3rd Annual Student Archaeology Conference will be hosted at the University of Edinburgh at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. As part of the conference organising committee, we decided to hold a workshop for undergrad and postgrad students on presenting during the University of Edinburgh’s innovative learning week. The workshop aimed to provide students with the basics on how to structure, design and present papers and posters in a conference setting:

Presenting 101 – The full-day workshop consisted of 3 sessions:

1. A presentation on the skills required for conference papers and posters; fundamentals on how to structure presentations, highlighting common pitfalls, suggesting methodological approaches

2. A guided practical workshop on creating an individual presentation; students were encouraged to bring their own projects or work in progress and included the creation of a presentation using desktop computers

3. Presenting a personal project and receiving peer feedback; students focused on oral presentation and was provided with anonymous written feedback from participating students and the organizing committee

The event was designed to be an encouraging and non –judgemental platform for students to develop and practice their communication and presentation skills. Q&A discussions were encouraged throughout the program. We received very positive feedback on the event from participating students, and I would like to congratulate my fellow organisers (Ülle Aguraiuja, Rachel Faulkner-Jones and Marta Lorenzon) on a great workshop and sharing our combined presenting experiences with fellow students.


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