Archaeo + Malacology Newsletter


The Archaeomalacology working group (AMWG) is an ICAZ (International Council for Archaeozoology) affiliated group that focuses on the exchange of research and data related to molluscs from archaeological contexts.

During the 2016 AMWG meeting in Kirkwall (Orkney, UK) I had the exciting opportunity to not only present my research on using oxygen isotopes on the top shell Oxystele sinensis to investigate seasonal shellfish use during the South African Later Stone Age, but also to express my interest in taking over the editorship of the group newsletter – Archaeo + Malacology Group Newsletter. The newsletter was established in 2001 as a means for group members to share research interests and contact details. After 17 years of careful stewardship of the newsletter by Janet Ridout-Sharpe and Annalisa Christie, I took on the role in September 2016.

As the incoming editor, it was my aim to increase publication to two issues a year. With the help of the AMWG community, I continue to grow and develop the newsletter as a means to circulate archaeomalacology matters amongst our pears, and I welcome contributions from academic and non-academic members!

Current and previous issues of the newsletter are available at


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