Conferences & Events

Conference & session organizer – please select a topic from the list below for more details!

  • EAA 2015 – Construction techniques and transfer of technological skills between neighboring regions: The Macroscopic and Microscopic archaeological records
  • ASA 2015 – 3rd Annual Student Archaeology Conference, Developing Integrated Archaeology
  • CAA 2015 – Interdisciplinary methods of data recording, management and preservation

Conference contributions & Events – please click here for abstracts of my academic presentations listed below.

  • Archaeomalacology Working Group (AMWG) 2016, Kirkwall Scotland – Presentation: Oxystele sinensis as environmental proxy Unraveling seasonal shellfishing during the Late Stone Age at Pinnacle Point, South Africa
  • Association of Environmental Archaeology (AEA) 2016, Kirkwall Scotland – Presentation: Unraveling subsistence strategies during the Later Stone Age at Pinnacle Point, South Africa.
  • European Association of Archaeologist (EAA) 2015 Glasgow Scotland – Poster: Preliminary findings on determining seasonal shellfishing patterns at Pinnacle Point, South Africa, during the Later Stone Age
  • International Union of Quaternary Research (INQUA) 2015, Nagoya Japan – Poster: Sclerochronological analysis of molluscan remains from Pinnacle Point, South Africa: preliminary findings
  • South African Museums Association (SAMA) 2011, Dias Museum South Africa – Public presentation: Human origins, and the Mossel Bay region
  • Mossel Bay Archaeology Project (MAP) 2010, Mossel Bay South Africa – MA degree presentation: An Archaeozoological and Ethnographic investigation into Animal utilization practices of the Ndzundza Ndebele of the Steelpoort River Valley, South Africa, 1700 AD – 1900 AD
  • Biennale meeting of the Association of South African Professional Archaeology (ASAPA) 2006, Gaborone Botswana – Poster: Beauty or the Beast? Domestic vs. Wild animal utilisation at Melora Hilltop