Scoping Statistical Analysis Support

My post re the 'Scoping Statistical Analysis Support' project was recently published on the  ‘Edinburgh Research Data Blog‘. The six-month project was supported by the Information Services Innovation Fund and aimed to identify gaps in statistical analysis training and support provided by the University of Edinburgh to research students. Please read more about the project here, … Continue reading Scoping Statistical Analysis Support


Research Data Exhibition & Symposium: DATA-X

* 2017 update:  The Data-X exhibition video is now on the university’s MediaHopper !…/Data-X+Project/1_dsbmxbpe/69012251 I recently posted on the 'Edinburgh Research Data Blog' about DATA-X, a multidisciplinary project I was involved in as PhD student intern. DATA-X brought PhD researchers from the arts and sciences together, to develop interdisciplinary ‘installations’ that explored data use. Limited … Continue reading Research Data Exhibition & Symposium: DATA-X

Interdisciplinary methods of data recording, management & preservation

∗ 2016 Update: Our conference paper 'Interdisciplinary Methods of Data Recording, Management and Preservation' is now available in: Campana, S., Scopigno, R., Carpentiero, G and Cirillo, M. Proceeding of the 43rd Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Siena, Italy. 30 October – 2 November 2015. Oxford, Archaeopress Publishing: 187-190. Call For Papers … Continue reading Interdisciplinary methods of data recording, management & preservation